19 7 月 2021
10 6 月 2021

如何將 MailPasta 企業信箱無痛升級為 15GB 大容量 Gmail 企業信箱

本公司所提供的 MailPasta 企業信箱,是一個免費提供給本公司客戶使用的企業信箱服務,讓您可以使用自己的專屬網域郵件(如: name@you.com.tw)與您的客戶進行業務交流。

可惜的是,MailPasta 企業信箱服務僅能提供 1GB 的容量空間,這點對於愈來愈多開始大量依賴電子郵件進行業務往來的用戶來說,無疑是遠遠不夠使用的,所幸 MailPasta 企業信箱提供了能與 Gmail 連結的功能,讓使用 MailPasta 企業信箱的用戶能夠立刻無痛升級為擁有 15GB 大容量的 Gmail 信箱,最棒的是,您的郵件往來仍然能以您的專屬網域郵件(如: name@you.com.tw) 收發信件,您說這是不是很棒的一件事呢?



  1. 申請一個 Gmail 帳號。
  2. 增加 MailPasta 企業信箱帳號為寄信地址。
  3. 增加 MailPasta 企業信箱帳號為收信地址。
  4. 使用與設定注意事項。



Step.1 申請一個 Gmail 帳號

首先,請申請好一個新的 Gmail 帳號,準備用來搭配 MailPasta 企業信箱服務升級之用,申請完成後請登入此 Gmail 帳號,並依序點入「設定」→「查看所有設定」。


Step2 增加 MailPasta 企業信箱帳號為寄件地址



  • 名稱:填寫您想要用 MailPasta 企業信箱寄信時顯示的名稱,如 您的名字。
  • 電子郵件地址:您的 MailPasta 企業信箱地址,如 jay@you.com。
  • 視為別名:請取消核取勾選。


接下來要輸入 MailPasta 企業信箱的相關設定值。

  • SMTP 伺服器:填寫 mailpasta.com。
  • 使用者名稱:填寫您的 MailPasta 企業信箱郵件地址。
  • 密碼:填寫您的 MailPasta 企業信箱郵件密碼。


接著,我們必須進行驗證,Gmail 系統必須確認您的 MailPasta 企業信箱真的有提出新增要求。請到您的 MailPasta 企業信箱收取一封主旨為「Gmail 確認 – 以這個地址寄送郵件」的信件,並將其中的驗證碼填入下方的欄位後,按下「驗證」按鈕。

然後回到 Step.2 畫面,您將會看到您的 MailPasta 企業信箱已成功建立。

請記得務必點選「設為預設值」,因為這樣您之後在寄信時,才會以您的 MailPasta 企業信箱作為預設寄件人唷!

預設寄件人為剛剛新增的 MailPasta 企業信箱帳號。


Step3 增加 MailPasta 企業信箱帳號為收信地址


輸入您的 MailPasta 企業信箱地址,然後按下「繼續」按鈕。

在接下來的畫面中,選擇「從我的其他帳戶匯入電子郵件 (POP3)」,然後按下「繼續」按鈕。

接著,我們要輸入您的 MailPasta 企業信箱電子郵件設定。

使用者名稱:填入您的 MailPasta 企業信箱地址。
密碼:填入您的 MailPasta 企業信箱密碼。
POP 伺服器:填寫 mailpasta.com,通訊埠選擇 995。

在接下來的四個選項中,僅「擷取郵件時,一律使用安全連線 (SSL)」核取打勾,其餘都空格不核取。

您將會看到 MailPasta 企業信箱已新增成功,並且正在進行「檢查郵件」作業。

實際測試寄信到剛剛新增的 MailPasta 企業信箱,已可成功收取信件。



現在,您已經完成了將 MailPasta 企業信箱升級為 15GB 大容量 Gmail 企業信箱的所有步驟,但是依據您的使用習慣,這裡還是有兩點需要提醒您一下:

  1. 透過瀏覽器(如 Chrome) 訪問 Gmail(Webmail) 網頁,或是在行動裝置 Gmail APP 中收發信件的用戶:您要新增的是 Gmail 帳號,而不是 MailPasta 企業信箱帳號。
    新增成功後,此 Gmail 帳號即代理您的 MailPasta 企業信箱帳號(如 name@you.com)進行收發信件功能。
  2. 對於行動裝置上非使用 Gmail APP 或是電腦上使用 Outlook Express、Microsoft Outlook 等用戶端郵件軟體的用戶,請按照以下方式設定:
    • 內送伺服器(IMAP) :imap.gmail.com
      IMAP Port: 993 (選擇SSL加密)
      帳號:您的 Gamil 帳號(如 jay@gmail.com)
      密碼:您的 Gamil 密碼
    • 外寄伺服器(SMTP):mailpasta.com
      SMTP Port: 465 (選擇SSL加密)
      帳號:您的 MailPasta 企業信箱的帳號(如 name@you.com)
      密碼:您的 MailPasta 企業信箱的密碼



到此,若您的設定值都有按照以上的方式,恭喜您~您可以正常使用將 MailPasta 企業信箱無痛升級為 15GB 大容量 Gmail 企業信箱服務了!

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05 3 月 2021


What the plugin does

Loyalize your customers with an effective points-based loyalty program and instant rewards.

How you can benefit from it:

  • Customer retention: through points, you can increase the percentage of client retention, loyalize them and encourage repeat purchases to earn points to be redeemed.
  • Build relationships: collections of points psychologically reward customers and nourish the long-term relationship between the customer and the store.
  • Increase conversions: point systems push customers to spend more to collect points and reach a goal (47% of buyers completes the collection of points to get a discount coupon or a free product).
  • Make your customers happier: receiving points, rewards, and discounts make customers happier, an important factor for business growth.

Loyalize your customers with points-based loyalty programs and instant rewards

The collection of points is a very powerful tool to involve and loyalize customers and allow them to save money or receive a reward or gift after reaching specific point thresholds.

In the landscape of marketing strategies, collector schemes are a milestone in loyalty activities. Thanks to Points and Rewards, you will be able to encourage users to register to your shop in order to earn points, as well as assign points on every purchase they make, on specific spent thresholds, on their birthday, on every review published on your products, etc.

Points redeem automatically through a discount coupon applied to the user’s cart. Easy to set up and manage, our plugin is the definitive solution to build a powerful loyalty program for your customers in just a few minutes.

Configure a global rule for points and set different rules by specific products or categories

Create a global rule to define the number of points to be assigned based on the product value and, if needed, assign a different number to specific products or categories (e.g. you can assign a higher number of points on the purchase of product X only and no points at all to products belonging to category Y).

Enable point earning for all the users or only for those registered with a specific role

Choose whether to enable point earning for all the users purchasing on your shop or to make it available only to users with a specific role.

Assign extra points based on the achievement of some goals or on certain conditions such as the users

Reward your users by assigning extra points when reaching a goal (e.g. extra points after placing 100 orders, after spending a total amount of €1000, when earning 500 points) or on specific conditions (e.g. 10 points on their birthday, 5 points for every review posted, etc.).

Customize the messages shown on the product, loop and cart pages

Insert a custom text, upload an icon or an image, change the text and background colors to enhance the message shown to users related to points they’ll earn with the purchase of the product.

Choose whether to offer a fixed or a percentage discount when redeeming points

Points earned by users can be redeemed as a discount that will apply to their cart. Choose whether to apply the discount as a fixed amount (e.g. €50) or as a percentage (20% on the cart value).

Set different conversion rates to earn and redeem points based on user roles

Offer a higher or lower discount to users belonging to a specific role by creating advanced rules for each user role available in your store.

Offer free shipping to users who place an order and redeem points earned

Choose whether to offer free shipping to users who place an order and use collected points to get a discount. Free shipping can be a good incentive to loyalize customers and encourage them to purchase!

Set conditions to redeem points based on the minimum cart value or set a maximum discount they can get

Based on your needs, you can set conditions to let users redeem points: for example, you can set a minimum cart amount, a maximum discount on the single product, or on the cart when purchasing with a coupon.

Let users choose how many points they want to redeem and the discount to apply on the cart page

Improve the user experience by offering clear and immediate feedback about the value of points redeemed in the cart. Let users choose and insert the number of points to redeem and know the related discount in real-time.

A dashboard to easily track and manually edit the users’ points

Track users and the points earned and edit their profile manually by adding, removing, resetting points, or banning users in case of anomalies.

Manage points linked to canceled or refunded orders

You can choose to remove earned points if the order is canceled or refunded and to reassign points redeemed with an order that was refunded.

Quick import or export points from or to a CSV file

You can now import your customer’s points from another solution without fearing they will loose their rewards using the CSV import feature. The same functionality would be useful if you want to export the points to a spreadsheet and re-import them after updating the totals.

Offer users a reserved area where they can monitor collected points and their progress

Users can easily keep track of the points earned, orders placed and actions related to their points from their personal profile.

Send notifications to users to encourage them to place an order before points expire

Push your customers to go back to your shop to purchase again without losing points they have collected so far: a powerful and easy strategy to have returning customers and boost your sales.


  • Set the conversion rate (spend/points) to set the number of points customers can collect for each purchase
  • Admin can view a list of users and points collected with purchases
  • Admin can update the number of points earned by users
  • Users can view points earned so far in “My account” page
  • Users can redeem their points on the checkout New
  • Users can benefit of a discount calculated according to their points balance or select the number of points to use and change the discount amount accordingly
  • You can set a maximum amount for discounts (customisable per category and single product)
  • Assign a specific number of points for each simple or variable product to the users who purchase on your store
  • You can set an expiration date for points collected
  • You can decide to round up points or round down points
  • You can override points awarding rules on category and product level
  • Send reminder emails some days before points expire
  • You can remove points assigned to orders that are later cancelled or refunded
  • You can assign points also to customers who have purchased before the plugin was installed
  • You can assign points to a new registered user if there are previous orders with the same email as billing email New
  • You can customise point assignment according to WordPress role users have
  • You can assign extra points when the following conditions occur:
    • registration in the store
    • first order placed
    • review on product
    • specific spend threshold reached
    • specific number of points collected
    • user’s birthday
    • Checkout total Thresholds ( gain points by Checkout totals) New
  • You can assign or remove points from customers’ balance manually and add a description (visible to customers) to motivate this action
  • Insert “My points” link in customers’ account page
  • Show points in order details in My Account and in the Order confirmation email
  • You can edit all labels and messages shown to users
  • You can enable email sending to users each time their point credit is updated
  • You can enable messages to inform users about:
    • points due for the purchase of the selected product
    • discount in cart available according to points collected so far
  • Widget in the dashboard to allow the administrator to view users that have collected more points so far and those who have used discounts
  • Widget ‘YWPAR Points Rewards’ showing users their current points balance
  • Shortcode that allows showing the points history to users
  • Possibility to set a percent discount based on the product price
  • Possibility to set a minimum amount of discount under which users can’t redeem their points
  • Reset points history for all users registered to the shop or just for some of them
  • Ban/unban all users or some of them so they can or can’t benefit from your Points rewarding program
  • Import points history from Points and Rewards
  • Import or export points from or to a CSV file
  • Allow the shop manager to edit the users’ points
  • Limit the possibility to redeem points only to specific user roles
  • Limit the possibility to earn points only to specific user roles
  • View how many points every product awards on archive pages
  • Enable free shipping also if purchasing through points
  • Assign points only when the order gets a specific status: Order completed, Payment completed, Order processing
  • Compatibility with Account Funds
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05 3 月 2021


What the plugin does

Enable an effective affiliate program to earn visibility and loyalize new customers on your shop.

How you can benefit from it:

  • You will be able to start cooperations with influencers from your field offering them a percentage on the sales generated thanks to their articles or advertisement on social networks;
  • By creating a stable affiliates net, you will get visibility, commercial power, and, as a consequence, you will boost your e-commerce conversions;
  • You will get visibility and advertisement without investing money beforehand since affiliates will be paid through commissions on sales effectively made thanks to them.

Create an affiliate program so that both you and your affiliates can earn more and get visibility on your sites

You have designed a modern and functional e-commerce shop where you sell quality products at competitive prices. Yet, no one knows your website and visits are running low as well as the orders: in practice, you are the owner of a wonderful shop hidden in a low traffic street. What you need can be summarized in one word: visibility.

Think of third parties sharing your products on their sites, thus giving them more visibility: you would certainly turn more visits into a huge increase in sales, with no effort and in exchange of a commission – that you set – on the price of sold items. A partnership that only makes winners!

If you are looking for a way of advertising your products and increasing the number of your sales, but you don’t know how to, if you ran out of ideas or you have already posted ads on every blog, then make other people and bloggers advertise your products on their websites.
If they can help you sell your products in exchange for a commission on each sale, you can be sure they will actively help you promote them. Setting up an affiliate program has never been so easy since Affiliates will help you automate this entire process.

Many affiliate programs fail because commissions are only paid if customers purchase one or more of your products right after reaching your website, thus running the risk of rendering the entire affiliation system pointless.

Thanks to Affiliates you won’t run this risk: the plugin will allow you to choose how long affiliates will keep receiving commissions from the users reached through their links.

Admins will have full control of their affiliates thanks to detailed click reports generated by every single link, giving you the chance to choose whether you wish to pay commissions manually or set up an automatic payment system.

You can also set up different commission rates based on the product or user, allowing you to create a custom automated affiliation system starting now, using an exponential advertising system that will increase your sales.

Pay automatically commissions

Each time a new commission is issued, on the specified day of each month or at reaching a certain threshold in commission earnings.

Set information that have to be stored from each visit

Affiliate’s name, visited page, date, ID and conversion time

Set a different commission rate

For different products and users in your shop

Associate purchases of the same user to an affiliate permanently

After the first purchase made through that referral link

Create an affiliate history for each visit

And keep track of all affiliates who have contributed to generate that visit

Approve automatically new affiliates

And spare the time to approve them manually one at a time

Create and assign coupons to your affiliates

That will generate a commission when using them after sharing

Set a time for clicks from the same user

So the click count is more accurate and not distorted

Show reports about commissions

And show details for each single product

Notify each action on your site via email

To keep everything under control

Choose how to recover the affiliation code

From classic query string and the specific form in “Checkout” page

Let affiliates request payments

Affiliates can now request a withdrawal of their commissions

Add or remove an affiliate from the order manually

Commissions will be processed automatically after saving new data

Remove the affiliation after the first purchase

Or after the pre-set expiration date


  • Track visits coming from the affiliate link to credit commissions if a visit turns into a purchase
  • Set a time limit for cookie storing of refer ID, so that if visit and purchase do not happen in the same session, commissions can be, however, credited correctly
  • You can credit commissions only to affiliates that have registered and have been enabled correctly
  • Option to trash commission before deleting it permanently New
  • You can create new affiliates directly from users registered to your site
  • You can use a shortcode to allow affiliate registration
  • Use a shortcode to show contents conditionally to users that are affiliates
  • You can set a general commission for affiliates for each order coming from their refer ID
  • Commission status changes automatically each time order status changes
  • The plugin manages automatically all totals concerning affiliates and updates them according to the status of commissions and orders
  • The plugin calculates automatically refunds and decrements the total of affiliate commissions in case of refunds
  • You can register payments that have to be made to affiliates
  • You can handle basic reports that can be filtered by date
  • You can customise parameters for the cookies managed by the plugin
  • Affiliates can access their own dashboard, where they find all information about sales trend
  • Use shortcodes to let admin print the affiliate dashboard section in any page of the site
  • You can use the shortcode “Generate link” to generate links for taking users to your site with the correct refer ID
  • Automatic payment of commissions when a set amount (threshold) has been reached
  • Automatic payment of commissions on a specific month day and/or when threshold earnings are reached
  • Pay commissions every day
  • Only pay commissions older than a certain number of days
  • Withdraw commissions, affiliates can:
    • request commissions withdraw New
    • upload invoices for their withdraw requests New
    • generate invoices for their withdraw requests New
  • Possibility to assign coupons to affiliates New
  • Generate commissions on sales made with coupons shared by affiliates New
  • Detailed report of clicks generated from referrers in a summarising table with main information and their conversion status
  • CSV export procedure for commissions
  • CSV export procedure for affiliates New
  • Specify a different commission rate for each product and/or user
  • Affiliate history for single order
  • When the order is completed, the commission can be assigned to:
    • last affiliate who led user to the site
    • first affiliate associated with user on a permanent basis
  • Enable email notification to administrator and affiliate user
  • Advanced report with commission statistics generated in the store
  • Set the time lapse after which a visit from the same user has to be counted as a new click
  • Require administrator approval for enabling a new affiliate user
  • Admin can ban Affiliates
  • Refer id generated by the commission can be included in the URL query string to which user has been redirected or from a code user inserting during the checkout
  • Affiliate can register by the plugin registration form or by any other registration form provided in the store
  • Associate an order with a specific affiliate
  • Share referral link on social media New
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05 3 月 2021


What the plugin does
Create and send strategic coupons in occasion of specific events to loyalize your customers and encourage them to buy.

How you can benefit from it:

  • You will loyalize your customers by sending a discount code on their birthday;
  • You will be able to encourage your customers to purchase by sending them a “reward” coupon if they have spent a specific amount or placed a certain number of orders;
  • You will be able to encourage users to go back to your e-commerce by sending an automatic coupon after a certain configured period since their last activity.

A powerful and easy strategy to let your registered users always remember about you

Sending ad hoc coupons you can loyalize your customers and encourage them to purchase: an easy yet efficient marketing strategy to increase the conversions of your e-commerce site.

Promotions, discounts and ad hoc gifts for your customers to make them feel special: one of the procedures used by the most famous e-commerce sites to loyalize their customers and increase the purchases.
Thanks to the Coupon Email System plugin, you will be able to manage easily and quickly the sending of focused coupons to encourage your customers to purchase the products in your site.

You can send a coupon with a discount for the birthday of one of your customers, or create coupons for customers that don’t make a purchase since many days, just to revive their interest in what’s new in your e-commerce site.
And again, you can encourage the registration of new users, or support the purchase of certain products; the possibilities are staggering, just like the results you can get in conversions and sales.

The plugin works only with registered users.

Coddle your customers

Send them a coupon to thank them for their registration, or on their birthday: there is more than one good reason to loyalize them and encourage them to purchase!

Reward your users

Gift a coupon to users that have met certain requisites (e.g. number of purchases), and encourage them to buy again if a given number of days have passed since their last purchase!

Use 4 different templates

Customize the email with the coupon according to your needs!

Take advantage of the Mandrill potential

Send coupons with this powerful tool for email management.


  • Send coupons to your users after their first purchase
  • Customize the email to send coupons
  • 4 different templates for the emails
  • Send coupons to new registered users
  • Send coupons to users that have spent a specific amount
  • Send coupons to users that have made a given number of orders
  • Send coupons to users that have purchased specific products of the store
  • Send coupons for the birthday of your users
  • Send coupons after a certain number of days have passed since the last purchase
  • Send email via Mandrill
  • Option to allow users to accept or reject coupons on the Checkout page”New
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05 3 月 2021


What the plugin does
Set and show different prices for products depending on the user role.

How you can benefit from it:

  • You will manage prices reserved to vendors or partners in an easy and fast way;
  • You will be able to hide prices and add to cart button to users with a specific user role.

A good way to show the right price to your users

When vendors build a partnership with you, they expect to have the possibility to purchase on your site with a dedicated price list, without too much difficulty and without the need to have an unlimited exchange of emails or phone calls with the administration for each order.

This would jeopardize the useful collaboration, with the risk that your user could prefer another store.

The same thing occurs with other customer typologies, as shop managers, partners or customers who purchase big quantities of products.
They expect something from you.

It would be good to have the possibility to apply and show the right price for each user role of your shop after their authentication.
Our “Role-based prices” makes this possible in a supremely fast and easy way.

Furthermore, you could also decide to show the price (regular, on-sale, role-based) or add to cart button for each single user role, in order to have the maximum control.

Role Based Prices doesn’t allow creating new roles. It only manages the ones already available. However, you can create new roles with the use of Members plugin.

Create role-based rules

And set specific purchase conditions for users registered in your shop

Apply a role-based rule to some specific products

And extend the rule to all products or to the ones belonging to specific categories or tags

Mark product price up or down

According to the role users have been assigned on your site

Combine more than one price rule

And apply for example, a double discount for specific users only

Show one or more prices to each user role

Among regular, on-sale or role-based prices

Show a custom message

If none of the available prices are shown

Make your shop a catalog

By preventing some user groups from buying

Select any user role

Integrated thanks to a dedicated plugin like ‘Members’

Assign customized labels to prices

And differentiate the role price from the retail price

Show tax included price

By choosing to apply the action to each user role of the shop

Choose the price on which to apply the rule

“Regular price” or “Sale price”

Provide a different message

If prices are hidden to users

Show the price of a different user role

Let the customer know what he would pay if he became another user type

Whether you use Aelia or Currency Switcher

You can get product prices per user role converted into the currency your users see automatically


  • Increase or decrease single product price according to user role
  • Create different price rules according to user role
  • The price rules can be applied to the regular price or sale price (if set)
  • Apply a role-based price rule either to a single product or to some specific categories or tags
  • Exclude a role-based price rule from specific categories or tags New
  • Increase or decrease product price by percentage value or fixed amount
  • Combine more than one price rules on the same product and assign a priority level to sort them
  • Show or hide each of the following for each user role:
    • regular price
    • on-sale price
    • role-based price (starting from regular price and actual price)
    • “Add to cart” button
  • Option to show price for a different user role New
  • Create price rules for each product variation
  • Show a custom message to users who see no price
  • Use roles configured with a third party’s plugin like “Members”
  • Show or hide tax included price according to each user role
  • Change labels of the products price
  • Compatibility with Aelia Currency Switcher: get user-role based prices automatically converted into the currency users see
  • Compatibility with Currency Switcher: the perfect option to have role-based prices converted in a multi-language website
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05 3 月 2021


What the plugin does
Sell products with a subscription plan in your e-commerce and loyalize your customers.

How you can benefit from it:

  • Your business will benefit from the most powerful subscription system to generate more profitable recurring;
  • You will loyalize a niche of customers who will renew their subscription on a monthly basis and let you earn automatic and guaranteed income;
  • You will be able to set lower prices for expensive products and services and allow more customers to purchase;
  • You will be able to offer a trial period to your customers and let them test your products so you can push them to buy. You can increase sales by 56% because users are more likely to buy after they get familiar with a product or a service.

Create your recurring income system with products and services sold on a subscription basis

Selling products on a subscription basis lets you get regular payments and monitor your income growth month by month.

This has become the most popular business model in recent years: users pay for a subscription – typically weekly, monthly or annually – to use software, to access training courses, to read a magazine, to get unlimited access to an archive of useful resources (like the audio file library offered by Amazon Audible or sites with photos stocks) or to benefit from a hosting service. But this applies also to gyms, video games, libraries, consulting or coaching services, legal advisory etc… It’s a winning business model that suits most of the products or services available for sale.

Thanks to the full integration with Membership, you will be free to create subscriptions for online products and give exclusive access to those who purchase them, like video courses, monthly podcasts, etc.

The trial mode will let your customer access your products for free and for a limited time: you can ask them to register in your shop (an effective way to build a good mailing list) and increase conversions: it’s easier to push customers to buy after they could test the strengths of your product by themselves.

Additionally, the reminder system that is included in Subscription will prompt your customers to activate or renew their subscription.

Automatic charges on renewal orders are available with the following payment methods: PayPal standard, Stripe Premium, Stripe Connect Premium, PayPal Express Checkout for shopping cart, Account Funds Premium and shopping cart Stripe Payment Gateway.

Use product variations to create different subscription plans

Use product variations to create unlimited subscription plans for your product or service and allow your users to easily upgrade and downgrade or switch from one plan to the other. You can set the conditions, for example, if a customer will need to pay the difference between the old and new subscription plan.

Allow users to switch, pause or cancel the subscription plan

Choose whether to let the user pause a subscription (set limits like the maximum number of pauses or the maximum number of paused days allowed before it automatically gets reactivated), to switch to another plan or to cancel a subscription right from their account.

Set a free trial period to create a list of customers and push them to buy later

A free trial period might be the most effective tool to encourage your users to subscribe and test your products or services for free: on the trial expiration, it will be easier for you to push them to buy and increase conversions.

Choose how to handle failed payments and when to suspend or cancel a subscription

Thanks to some advanced options, you can choose how to handle subscriptions with failed payments: set the number of days allowed before the subscription gets suspended and how long it can stay suspended before it gets canceled.

A wide range of e-mail notifications for admins and customers

The plugin allows sending different kinds of email notifications both to the admin and to the subscribers. For example, the user can be notified multiple times about the expiring subscription, the expired subscription, a failed payment or successful payment, if the subscription is getting suspended and so on.

Set a sign-up fee on your subscriptions

Choose whether to ask for a sign-up fee on your subscription-based products.

Two additional coupon types to apply discounts on the sign-up fee or on the recurring payment price

Create a coupon to offer your customers a discount on the sign-up fee or on the recurring fee.

A dashboard to easily track all subscriptions and subscription activities

Monitor the status of every subscription (start and end date, next payment date, payment amount etc.) from the built-in dashboard.

A Gutenberg block to easily create and show subscription modules in your shop

If you are using Gutenberg, you will be able to find the “Subscription plan” block and create custom forms in a couple of clicks to visually display your available subscription plans. You can customize colors, typography, add gradients, icons and much more.

Integration with Membership

Integrate our Membership plugin and let your subscribers access to private contents and to sections with restricted access.

Integration with Stripe

Stripe is one of the integrated payment gateways to let your customers join and renew a subscription plan automatically.

Synchronize all recurring payments to a specific day (of the week, of each month etc.)

Streamline the management of your store subscriptions by synchronizing all recurring payments to the same day (the first day of the month, every Monday and so on) and decide how to handle the first subscription payment: you can charge the user a prorated amount or postpone the payment of the total amount to the day selected in the synchronization options.

Export all the subscriptions to a CSV file

Do you want to download and print an overview of all the subscriptions of your store? Download the CSV file with all the subscription details in one click right from the dashboard.

Schedule the delivery of products linked to a subscription

Do your subscriptions involve scheduling the shipping of products (like a product box, a printed magazine etc.)? Take advantage of the dedicated Delivery Schedule option and decide if you want to sync all deliveries on the same day (ex. every Monday, every 1st day of the month and so on)

Print a list of PDF addresses to manage the shipping easily

If you sell subscription-based products that need to be shipped, you can download a list with your customers’ addresses into a PDF file and print the shipping labels in one click.

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04 3 月 2021


What the plugin does
Activate some sections of your e-commerce with restricted access so as to create memberships in your store.

How you can benefit from it:

  • Sell video courses, lessons, consultancies and make content available only to users that paid for them;
  • Build specific areas on your sites with restricting access only to members;
  • Create an online magazine with posts visible only to users who purchased access to it;
  • Create a private shop where only registered users can view the products;
  • Offer products that can be purchased and downloaded using a credits system (for image stocks, resources, etc.);
  • Offer digital resources that can be downloaded for free by members only.

A powerful tool to create restricted areas or provide access to products, pages, articles and content only to members.

Selling products with dedicated access is a great opportunity to increase your earnings: big companies like Udemy or Treehouse are living proof and they achieve a huge amount of sales volume with this business model every year. Their income is intended to grow considering the increasing number of people looking for their products.

In a completely automatic way, you could offer your users restricted and exclusive access to tailored information, like a course, videos, products, articles, downloadable files, etc.

Managing courses, services, valuable membership plans with private access, sending messages to your customers, scheduling the publication of the exclusive contents for your customers: all these actions can be easily achieved with Membership, a plugin conceived and designed to streamline the management of restricted-access products.

The reserved area is easy to use, will let you protect your content, and make it accessible only to members or to those who paid for it.

Create unlimited plans with different permission rules

Create different plans (for instance Silver, Bronze and Gold) and set the permissions for your different users based on the plan they have joined. Products can be downloaded only by members of a certain plan or members of another plan can just read the blog posts but not view the videos: there are literally unlimited combinations.

Automatically set users as members of a specific plan when they register

Create restricted access areas (posts, videos, exclusive contents) available only to registered users and automatically mark them as “members” as soon as they register into your website.

Make the shop and products accessible to members only (like on Privalia)

Create a private shop with exclusive offers for members, hide products to non-registered users or to those who do not possess a specific membership plan.

Hide pages and posts to non-members

Manage access to every section of your site and choose what needs to be shown to members. You can create restricted pages, posts that only members can read, products that only users can view or download for free.

Show a limited content (e.g. an article preview) and push users to sign up (and pay) to see the full content

Create your online newspaper-inspired business model: publish posts and contents the introduction of which can be read by everyone, but only members will be able to access the full content and bonuses (videos, podcasts, images and so on).

Use the Gutenberg block to easily set where the “Members-only” content starts

Set with one click where the content visible to everyone ends and where the members-reserved content begins, by using the Gutenberg block “Members-only content starts here” when creating a post or page. A powerful, easy and quick solution.

Allow access or file downloads (PDFs, images, audio and video files, etc.) only to members

Protect your files in the easiest way and allow only members to download digital products (like e-books) or PDF files, ZIP archives, JPG images, audio and video files and so on.

Choose what your users will see when they try to access some reserved content

You can set up an alternative content for every page, product, or post (thanks to Gutenberg blocks you can add a banner or a call to action to encourage your users to join and become members), redirect users to a specific URL or, as an alternative, show a 404 error page to those who try to access reserved contents.

Use the Alternative Content blocks to build advanced alternative content for non-members

Use the new alternative content blocks to create advanced sections and pages with Gutenberg and show them to non-members. Thanks to the flexibility offered by Gutenberg, you will be able to create banners, text, graphic sections and call-to-action buttons to push your users to become members.

Offer free shipping to your shop members

Choose the “Membership free shipping” option to offer free shipping to your members for all the orders they place through your shop.

Offer your members dedicated discounts on all the products of your shop

Do you want to give your members 10% off every product? When you create the membership plan they will join, you will find this option. You can also set up different discount percent rates for every membership plan (for example, 10% for Silver users, 20% for Gold users, and so on).

Build a credit system to allow members to download items (like stock images or digital resources)

Build a platform where you can sell products or digital resources using a credit system. Choose how many credits you want to assign to new members (based on the membership plan they are joining) and how many credits will be necessary to download one item.
You can set a default value for the entire shop or different values for specific products (e.g. some products may require 5 credits, some other products 10 credits etc.).

Use the Subscription plugin to let your users make a recurring payment in order to get access to reserved contents

The integration between Membership and Subscription is the most powerful one in our product catalog: it allows you to create reserved areas in your site and grant access to the classes of a learning course, or to receipts, products, posts, downloadable resources, videos, podcasts and so on, only to those members who have an active subscription and who are paying on a billing cycle that you can set by yourself (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually etc.).
If the subscription is not paid automatically, users will lose access to their reserved contents.

Release contents gradually

For every content in the plan, you can choose when it will be made available to your users, so you can delay their release gradually and constantly (for example, the first video will be immediately available, the second one after one week etc.)

Monitor the memberships and the downloads from the integrated dashboard

From the integrated plugin dashboard panel, you can easily monitor all the memberships created and the downloads of the resources included in every plan.

Offer your members a dedicated section in “My Account” with all their memberships

All users who have access to a specific membership plan will be able to see all the details in their reserved area in My Account, where they can also access the reserved contents and download the resources they have paid for.

A wide range of notifications for admin and members

Send a notification email to your users whenever a new membership is created, 10 days before its expiration, when the membership expires and when it is canceled.


  • You can restrict the visibility of content only to users who have a membership for it
  • Create unlimited memberships in your shop
  • Choose one or more products through which give access to a membership plan
  • Set an expiration date for every membership
  • Make specific contents available to members only after a specific number of days since purchase of the membership
  • Associate all contents of the site (products and posts) to specific categories and/or tags accessible to all users belonging to the same membership
  • Associate two or more memberships to give users the possibility to access contents of all memberships from one account
  • Variable products supported
  • Make media accessible only to users belonging to a specific membership
  • Free access to the contents of one or more membership plans for all the users who get registered on the site
  • Possibility to protect links embedded in articles, pages and products: they will only be displayed to the owners of a specific membership
  • Remove pagination in the post, if any
  • Members can send messages to the admin using the widget ‘Membership – Messages’
  • Dedicated admin section for all messages sent by members
  • Complete history of memberships purchased so far by users
  • Edit the status of a membership for every single user
  • Edit the expiration date of a membership for every single user
  • Dedicated area on “My account” page where all reserved contents are visible to users who have access to them
  • Shortcode to add shopping cart login form
  • Choose what you want to show to non-members if they try to access reserved contents:
    • redirect to 404 page
    • redirect users to a specific URL (can be overridden with a custom URL from every item)
    • show an alternative content (can be overridden with a custom content from every item)
  • Use the “Members-only content starts here” divider to partially hide the content of a post to non-members New
  • Send an email automatically to users when certain conditions occur:
    • membership created
    • membership cancelled
    • expiring membership (the email is sent 10 days before expiration date)
    • expired membership New
  • Show users the history of the membership in their “My Account” page
  • Let non-registered users purchase a membership
  • Allow users to purchase a membership with a subscription plan, thanks to the compatibility with Subscription
  • Set a limited number of products to download per day/month or year
  • Detailed report which allows you to check:
    • number of downloads filtered by product or user
    • the number of memberships currently active or activated from the plugin activation date
  • Admin can edit details concerning each membership associated to a specific user:
    • ID of the associated plan
    • starting and expiry date
    • number of the associated order
    • user ID
    • membership status
    • number of remaining credits
  • Set the number of required credits for product download (can be overridden with a custom number of credits from every membership item)
  • Hide price and “Add to cart” button to members on every downloadable product
  • Membership Flat Rate shipping method
  • Offer free shipping on all the products of your site to users registered to one of the available membership plans
  • Offer a discount on all products based on the membership plan New
  • 100% compatible with Dynamic Pricing and Discounts: custom discounts for the users owning one or more membership plans
  • Edit Multi Vendor membership products, limit the number of products each vendor can publish New
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04 3 月 2021


What the plugin does
Increase conversions through dynamic discounts and price rules and build powerful and targeted offers.

How you can benefit from it:

  • Apply a discount on the whole shop or on all products of a specific category with just a few clicks;
  • Create targeted offers and increase the average order value through discounts based on the quantity or the total amount in the cart.
  • Set up the most popular promotions (like 3 for 2, 2 for 1, BOGO etc.) in your shop
  • Schedule discounts and promotions that will start and end automatically (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Christmas, etc.)
  • Offer a product as a gift or a discount to all users that buy a specific product or spend a specific amount;
  • Offer dynamic discounts in cart or free shipping when users spend a minimum amount;

Loyalize your customers through targeted promotions and dynamic pricing rules

Imagine walking down the street in the city center, surrounded by any kind of shop. Which are the shop windows that catch your attention? The answer is simple: those that offer particular promotions and discounts. Colored posters that present end-of-season sales, buy two get three, or everything at $10 until the end of the week: these are only some of the most used tricks for commercial activities.

Use the same marketing tricks in your shop using Dynamic pricing and discount: a powerful tool to create targeted promotions to catch your customers’ attention and loyalize them day after day. It’s a plugin that gives dynamism to your e-commerce and lets you increase the visits – and consequently the sales – taking advantage of the fundamental marketing strategies.

Discounts, special prices, promotions, bonuses, free products: there are no limits but your own imagination: with just one plugin, you will be able to build hundreds of promotions to boost up your shop.

Apply a massive discount on the whole shop catalog or on products of a specific category with few clicks

You have hundreds of products and you want to give a 10% discount for Black Friday? Want to discount all products in a certain category for one week? No need to manually edit every product, now you can create the discount rule with just a few clicks.

Set up different prices based on the selected product quantity and encourage your users to buy more to get a discount

Set dynamic quantity-based discounts and choose whether to show or not the quantity/price table to inform your users about the promotion.

Create any kind of discount or promotion: 3 for 2, 2 for 1, Buy One Get One Free, 50% on the second item, Buy X and get Y for free, and so on and so forth.

The only limit to the special offers you can create will be your imagination: from the intuitive plugin panel, you can create any kind of promotions, choose the products they will apply to, and schedule them for a specific time span.

Decide whether to give discounts to all your users or to a specific niche only

You can create discounts and promotions running for all users or reserve the offers only for users with a specific role. Set up offers for the members of a specific plan if used together with our Membership plugin. Or even more: create cart discounts that will only be applied to customers who have already spent a certain amount in your shop or to those that have placed a minimum number of orders.

Schedule a start and end date for your discount rules to automate discounts and offers

You can start and end a promotion manually or set the start and end date and it will run automatically. This way you can create discounts and special prices during specific times of the year (Black Friday, Christmas, end-of-season sale, etc) ahead of time and make sure the plugin automates the full process.

Show a modal window in the cart and give a product as a gift to users who are going to pay more than a certain amount or those who purchase specific products

A free product or a “gift” is a great incentive to convince your users to finalize the purchase. Use the “gift product” option and decide how many and which products will be gifted, to whom, and on which conditions (e.g. users whose cart total is at least $100 or with the product X in cart).

Decide if the offers can be cumulated or not

Decide whether to let your users cumulate more than one promotion and get the maximum available discount or if you prefer setting some restrictions so they can only benefit from one promotion at a time when they purchase from your shop.

Create dynamic messages to show on your product pages

Enhance your promotions and show dynamic messages on your product pages to inform users about the offer and push them to buy.

Choose whether to apply the discount on the unit price or on the total price

Once in the cart, choose whether the discounts related to one product will edit the unit price of the product itself or – new since version 2.0 – the discount will only apply to the cart total.

Customize the labels that identify the discount on the Cart page

Decide how to identify the discount applied in the cart and give your users real-time feedback about the discounts and promotions they benefit from.

Show a modal window to promote the active special offers available on the products in the cart

Do you want to offer a gift or a discount to customers who buy a specific product? Set up the rule and promote it through a modal window that will open up when the user adds the product to the cart. The most efficient solution to emphasise discounts and promotions and push the user to take advantage of these targeted offers.


  • Apply discounts on all your products
  • Apply the discount to products belonging to a specific category
  • Set a percentage discount
  • Create one or more discount rules to apply to the cart total optionally verifying the following requirements:
    • cart total amount
    • user’s name and role
    • number of orders placed by the user
    • total amount of the purchases previously made by the user
    • number of products in the cart
    • product quantity in the cart
  • Offer one or more free products through the “Gift products” feature based on the total products in cart or on a minimum cart subtotal New
  • Exclude some products, categories, tags or on-sale products, so that none of the cart rules you’ve set up applies to them.
  • Apply the discount to the cart including or excluding taxes
  • Enable free shipping on Cart rule
  • Create one or more discount rule based on the product quantity added to the cart
  • Select for each rule the products that will trigger the discount
  • Choose the products to which the discount applies: all, selected products, tags, categories
  • Choose the users who can benefit from the discount: all, selected users, or by user role
  • Combine two or more rules
  • Schedule the discount rule by setting up a start and end date
  • Show the price on the product page in a table: you can list the product prices by quantity
  • Show the price table horizontally or vertically
  • Show custom messages on discounted products and on those that will grant a discount if added to the cart
  • Choose whether to apply the discount to on-sale products or not
  • Choose whether to apply the discount if a coupon code is used or not
  • Set the price format on the product page
  • Show discounted price on the Shop page
  • Show a custom message in cart to inform user about how much they’re saving with the current order New
  • Enable the shop manager to manage all the discount rules
  • Choose whether to show the total discount in cart as itemized or not New
  • Clone a discount rule
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02 1 月 2021





  • 客制化需求:依客戶圖面下去製作 ,沒有數量的限制, 量產最少都有一批量,不限任何產品種類、3C類、文創、充電站。
  • 快速的設計:研發的時程是緊湊,快速的取得樣品 ,全製程含括,縮短每個製程等待時間。
  • 尺寸及外觀處理:噴塗、印刷外觀處理,陽極、電鍍、雷雕、委外製程配合,尺寸精度控制。
  • 快速的反應:完整的客戶服務,製作中設變快速反應,收件後客戶急件修改製作。



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